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Download Photo Printing and Editing Software

Table of Contents

Getting Started
General Topics
Photo Printing
Photo Editor
Video Player
Batch Edit Photos
Photo Masks
Photo Album Wizard
Technical Topics
Fun Photo Tricks
Scrapbooking Tips

Technical Topics

Pixels & Bits & Bytes: What is a Pixel?
What is a MegaPixel?
Bits per Pixel

Saving and Converting:
JPG Compression
Saving JPG Files
JPG Warning
Saving Image Files
File Types-Image Formats
Advanced File Types and Formats

Sizing Photos:
Sizing a Photo
Change Photo DPI
Advanced Cropping
Crop Head Position Tool
Passport Photos
Inches and Centimeters

Batch Process:
BATCH operations
BATCH Cropping

Half-Tones / Quarter-Tones
Calibrate Your Monitor
Extract Photos from Camera
Network Access
Up Down Arrow Keys
Rotate Error
Long Delays
Upgrading PhotoELF

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