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Network Access with PhotoELF

If you store photos on a network and would like to access them with PhotoELF, then you need to Map a drive to that folder on the network.

This folder on the network will then be assigned a Drive Letter.

Once it has a drive letter, you can drop down the drive list box in PhotoELF and select it. You will then be able to access that network folder just like accessing your CD Drive.

Instructions to Map a Network Drive:
Each version of Windows is slightly different; here are the basic instructions:

  1. Go to the computer on the network that contains your pictures
  2. Right click the folder that contains your pictures and select: Sharing
  3. Set this folder to have Sharing Rights
  4. Return to the computer that has PhotoELF on it
  5. Right click My Network Places and select: Map Network Drive
  6. Browse for the shared folder and select it.
  7. Done
After mapping the drive, you may need to Refresh PhotoELF before it will appear in the drive list box. To refresh, look in PhotoELF's Edit menu and select: Refresh. Then look in the drive list box.

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