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Advanced File Types - Image Formats that PhotoELF Supports

1BMP 1-Bit Windows Bitmap
2BMP 4-Bit Windows Bitmap
3BMP 8-Bit Windows Bitmap
4BMP 16-Bit Windows Bitmap
5BMP 24-Bit Windows Bitmap
6BMP 32-Bit Windows Bitmap
7CLP 1-Bit Windows ClipBoard File
8CLP 24-Bit Windows ClipBoard File
9CUR 8-Bit Windows Cursor File
10CUR 24-Bit Windows Cursor File
11FPX 8-BitGrey Kodak Flash Compress
12FPX 24-Bit Kodak Flash Compress
13FPX 8-BitGrey Kodak Flash Pix
14FPX 24-Bit Kodak Flash Pix
15ICO 8-Bit Windows Icon File
16ICO 24-Bit Windows Icon File
17JPG 8-Bit Black-White JPEG File
18JPG 24-Bit 100% JPEG File YUV444
19JPG 24-Bit 99% JPEG File YUV444
20JPG 24-Bit 98% JPEG File YUV444
21JPG 24-Bit 97% JPEG File YUV444
22JPG 24-Bit 96% JPEG File YUV444
23JPG 24-Bit 94% JPEG File YUV444
24JPG 24-Bit 92% JPEG File YUV444
25JPG 24-Bit 90% JPEG File YUV444
26JPG 24-Bit 88% JPEG File YUV444
27JPG 24-Bit 85% JPEG File YUV444
28JPG 24-Bit 80% JPEG File YUV444
29JPG 24-Bit 75% JPEG File YUV444
30JPG 24-Bit 70% JPEG File YUV444
31JPG 24-Bit 60% JPEG File YUV444
32JPG 24-Bit 50% JPEG File YUV444
33JPG 24-Bit 40% JPEG File YUV444
34JPG 24-Bit 30% JPEG File YUV444
35JPG 24-Bit 20% JPEG File YUV444
36JPG 24-Bit 10% JPEG File YUV444
37JPG 24-Bit 0% JPEG File YUV444
38PCT 1-Bit MacPict
39PCT 4-Bit MacPict
40PCT 8-Bit MacPict
41PCT 24-Bit MacPict
42PCX 1-Bit Paintbrush
43PCX 4-Bit Paintbrush
44PCX 8-Bit Paintbrush
45PCX 24-Bit Paintbrush
46PNG 1-Bit Portable Network Graphic
47PNG 4-Bit Portable Network Graphic
48PNG 8-Bit Portable Network Graphic
49PNG 24-Bit Portable Network Graphic
50PNG 32-Bit Portable Network Graphic
51PSD 1-Bit Adobe PhotoShop
52PSD 8-Bit Adobe PhotoShop
53PSD 24-Bit Adobe PhotoShop
54RAS 1-Bit Sun Raster
55RAS 4-Bit Sun Raster
56RAS 8-Bit Sun Raster
57RAS 24-Bit Sun Raster
58RAS 32-Bit Sun Raster
59SGI 8-BitGrey Silicon Graphics Image
60SGI 24-Bit Silicon Graphics Image
61SGI 32-Bit Silicon Graphics Image
63TGA 16-Bit TARGA
64TGA 24-Bit TARGA
65TGA 32-Bit TARGA
66TIF 1-Bit CCITT Group 4
67TIF 1-Bit CCITT Group3 1Dimension
68TIF 1-Bit CCITT Group3 2Dimension
70TIF 1-Bit Tagged Image File RGB
71TIF 2-Bit Tagged Image File RGB
72TIF 3-Bit Tagged Image File RGB
73TIF 4-Bit Tagged Image File RGB
74TIF 5-Bit Tagged Image File RGB
75TIF 6-Bit Tagged Image File RGB
76TIF 7-Bit Tagged Image File RGB
77TIF 8-Bit Tagged Image File RGB
78TIF 24-Bit Tagged Image File RGB
79TIF 24-Bit EXIF Tagged Image File RGB
80TIF 32-Bit Tagged Image File RGB
81TIF 24-Bit Tagged Image File CMYK
82TIF 32-Bit Tagged Image File CMYK
83TIF 24-Bit Tagged Image File YCbCr

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