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Long Delays Loading, Saving or Batching Photos

If you are experiencing ridiculous delays when loading photos or saving photos, chances are good that your anti-virus software is the cause of the delay. Perform the following test to see if this is the problem:

  1. Go into your Anti-Virus software package and turn it OFF.
  2. Run photoelf again and see if the delay is gone.
  3. Turn your Anti-Virus software back ON.
We have found that most Anti-Virus programs do not cause this delay in photoelf. However, a few packages do. If turning your Anti-Virus software OFF temporarily solves the delay problem in photoelf, then continue reading:

Solutions in PhotoELF:

This delay persists when photoelf is accessing the EXIF data within the image file.
For all 3 above, view this page for exact details: See: Preserving EXIF.   Doing so will reduce or eliminate this delay. To learn more about DATES, view this page: DATE

However, if Preserving ALL EXIF data is important to you, then you may need to explore options with your Anti-Virus software:

Solutions in your Anti-Virus software:

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