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Half-Tone and Quarter-Tone Images

Half-Tone images are 1-Bit bitmaps.
Quarter-tone images are 2-Bit Bitmaps.

You may convert an image to a half-tone by saving it as a 1-bit image. Use the "Advanced Save As... " feature and select a BMP or TIF format.

How to save a 1-bit Half-Tone Image:

Select a normal color image that has not been converted or edited to be half-tone.

Go into the File menu and select: Advanced Save As. A dialog window will appear allowing you to save the image as one of 87 different image formats.

Select an image format that is a 1-bit image format, like BMP or TIF

Save the image.

Exit the Editor and load the image into PhotoELF's main viewer.

Chances are, the image will appear to be a scrambled mess. Click the 100% button on the toolbar to display the image at its true size.

This is a true half-tone.

Quarter Tone

Follow the same instructions above, except choose a 2-bit image.

Printing Half-Tones and Quarter Tones

Printing a Half-Tone only produces excellent results when the image is printed at exactly the same height and width as the image itself.

While in PhotoELF's Print Page Layout Window, you may adjust the size of the image. It must be the same, in inches, or it will print as a scrambled mess. It will appear scrambled in the Print Page Layout Window, but will print correctly.

A little bit of math:

There are 96 Pixels to an inch.

You will need to calculate how big you want to print the image before converting it to a Half-Tone or Quarter-Tone.

If you want it to be five inches wide, then you will need to resize the original image to (5 x 96) or 480 Pixels wide.

Then convert it to a Half-Tone or Quarter-Tone

Then bring it into the Print Page Layout Window and adjust the size to be five inches wide.

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