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Landofcom Software
17845 211th Ave.
Big Lake, Minnesota 55309

E-Mail: support@photoelf.com
Web Site: www.photoelf.com
Support: www.photoelf.com/support
Contact us:     www.photoelf.com/contact.shtml
FAQ:Frequently Asked Questions
Help Files: www.photoelf.org

If you e-mail us a question, please be as specific and detailed as possible, and provide the following:
  • Your version of Windows
  • Your version of PhotoELF
  • A very descriptive question
If your e-mail lacks a detailed description of your problem, it will take longer for your matter to be resolved. You can never provide too many details. It will speed up an accurate response.

Please Note: We reply to ALL e-mails sent to us that have the word: PhotoELF in the subject line. All others run the risk of being deleted as spam.

Also Note: If your e-mail has a virus, it will be deleted.

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