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Projects and Templates

Projects and Templates apply to the Print Page Layout window and Batch Printing.

To create or open a project or template, click the Proj button in the Print Page Layout window:

Projects: Saving a project allows you to recall that print page project at anytime and have your photos, captions, size and positioning all be recalled instantly and you can add to it, edit it and update it as you wish.

A template is similar to a project except that a template does not remember specific photos. Instead, it takes the photos that are present in the PPL window, then sizes and positions them according to the saved template.

Changing from Projects to Templates:

Clicking the Project or Template option buttons will change the selection list accordingly.

If you have not created any projects yet, then the selection list box will be empty for Projects.

Creating and Opening Projects:

Arrange photos however you wish. Add captions if you like. You may then select the Save button and provide a name for this new project.

You may then come back at any time and open that project by selecting its name and clicking the Open button.

When you open a project, all photos currently in the PPL window, will be replaced with those in your project. Photos will be loaded and positioned in the same fashion as you saved them.

Saving a project does not save the image files to any special folder, it only remembers where each photo is located on your computer. If you rename, move or delete a photo that is in a project, that photo will no longer be associated with that project.

Creating and Using Templates:

Creating a Template:

Let's say that you want a template that will always arrange three photos the same way, every time. And you wish these photos to be as follows:

Photo 1: 5 x 7 inches
Photo 2: 3 x 4 inches
Photo 3: 3 x 4 inches

To accomplish this, do the following:

Load the PPL window with any three photos.

Adjust photo one to be approximately 5 x 7 or greater. You may need to rotate the photo depending on the orientation of your paper.

Then, adjust the other two photos to be approximately 3 x 4 inches and align them the way you want them.

Finally, click the Save Template button and give this template a name, for example: Three Photo Layout

Loading a Template:

Continuing with the example above, load three different photos into the PPL window.

Select the template you just created and click the Open Template button.

The three photos currently in the PPL window will be sized and positioned according to the saved template.

Switching Photos

Continuing with the example above:

After you have loaded the template and the photos have been organized, you look at the results and decide that the photo you wanted to be 5 x 7 inches, is a 3 x 4.

You may switch or flip/flop two photos with each other without destroying the size and position of the photos.

Do the Following:

1) Left click one of the photos
2) Left click the Switch Photos button on the toolbar, or right click the photo and select Switch
3) The mouse pointer will then change to indicate that you are about to switch photos.
4) Move the mouse to the photo you wish to switch and left click once.

The two photos will switch positions and sizes.


If you have four photos present in the PPL window and try to open a template designed for five photos, you will be prompted to add another photo before the template may be used.

Automatic Rotation:
If a template is designed for a photo to be taller than it is wide, and the corresponding photo is wider than it is tall, PhotoELF will automatically rotate that photo. Automatic rotation (left, right or no rotation) can be assigned in the PPL Preferences. Click the hammer on the toolbar.

Printer Settings and Paper Orientation:
If you open a template that calls for the printer to be in portrait mode, but you are in landscape mode, then you will be prompted to change the printer's orientation first.

You might ask the question: Why doesn't PhotoELF switch the page orientation for me? There is a simple answer: Not all operating systems and printers behave the way they are supposed to. As such, by forcing the user to manually set the printer options, the printer will be correct when the page is printed. Photo paper is expensive and, rather than potentially printing incorrectly and wasting a page, we felt a small step on the user's part would help ensure the success of the print job.

Location of Template and Project Files:

All template and project files are located at:

C:\Program Files\PhotoELF\ELFfiles\PPL\

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