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Sorting Files by Date

There are times you need to put your photos in chronological order, by date.

Another example is when you have a bunch of photos from several different cameras and you would like to shuffle all the pictures together so they are in chronological order. Example: 3 cameras photographing an all day event.

To do this, put all the photos in the same folder.

Click the ALL the button to select all the photos in that folder.

Look in the EDIT menu and select: Batch Advanced Rename

You will see the following window:

Advanced Batch Rename Files

Select the option to rename the files by their EXIF date and time stamp.

NOTE: This feature will only work on JPG and TIF files that have the EXIF format. It will not work on other file types.

Assuming you had synchronized all 3 cameras so their date and time were correct, this will shuffle all the photos in an exact chronological order.

PhotoELF has 10 different ways of renaming files. You can then use several of the other rename functions to replace the Date filenames with something more useful.

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