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Resizing Photos

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What is Resizing an Image?

Resizing an image changes its pixel dimensions. Resize does not crop your image, it stretches it or squishes it.

Why would you want to resize an image?

Let's say you scan an 8 x 10 family photo and you would like to e-mail the resulting digital image to someone. The scanned image will probably be 1600 x 2000 pixels (3.2 million pixels).

If you wish this picture to be in the e-mail, it will not fit on the page. If you are attaching the image file to the e-mail, it will still be a large file size and if you have dial-up internet access it will take a long time to send and receive it.

By resizing the image to 480 x 640 pixels, it will fit on the page and it will e-mail faster.

PhotoELF offers two ways to resize an image:

1) In the Image Editor

While in the Image Editor, click the Resize button on the toolbar. A resize box will pop up and allow you change the image dimensions. You will then need to save the image before the changes take effect or click Undo, to try again.

2) In PhotoELF's main program window:

While in PhotoELF's main program window, look in the Edit menu and select Resize. A Resize box will pop up - You may select the new size and the image will be saved to a different filename. You may select a prefix to be added to the original filename.

Example: If the original filename is: mypicture.jpg and you select a prefix of: ReS_ then the new Image will be named: ReS_mypicture.jpg

Resizing more than one image at a time:

Multi-select as many image filenames as you wish. Look in the Edit; menu and select Resize - Batch.

When you click OK, each image will be resized and saved to a new filename that you have selected.

This is a great way to make a bunch of thumbnail images.

If some of the selected images are portrait and some are landscape, PhotoELF will automatically detect this and flip-flop the new height and width dimensions.

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