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Greyscale Images

Quickly convert any color photo into a Black & White Photo!

To do this, load your photo into the Editor.
Look in the Photo Effects Tool Panel for the following button and press it:

Then, simply save your new image.

NOTE: If you save your image as a 24 bit image, it will look black & white, but have a color pallete.
(Also see: Learn about Greyscale - A fun technique)

To save your image as a true GreyScale image, look in PhotoELF's FILE or EDIT menu for: JPG Compress. If you are in the Editor, you may simply click the JPG button on the toolbar.

You will be greeted with the following screen:

Choose the Advanced Button and then choose 8-Bit GreyScale. Adjust your quality bar and test and/or save your image.

Also see: JPG Compression

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