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A Fun Technique:

GreyScale Images
24-Bit JPG images
8-Bit JPG Images
Color Palettes

Imagine having a black & white photo of a single red rose. Everything in the image is Black & White, except the Rose, which is in color.

Keep reading to learn how to accomplish this:

Every image has a palette embedded in the image file. This palette tells the device, displaying or printing it, which colors to use to generate the image.

With JPG Images:
Images with color palettes are 24 bits per pixel
Images with greyscale palettes are 8 bits per pixel

If you convert an image to greyscale by clicking the GreyScale button in the Photo Effects Tool Panel, you are changing its current palette to 8-Bit. If you were to then switch to the Red-Eye Paint tools and tried to paint the image you would find that the colors no longer paint in color.

However, you may save this grey scale image with a Color Palette using the ELF's JPG Saver.
Click the JPG button on the ELF Image Editor's toolbar and look in the Advanced settings. Save the grey scale image as a 24 bit Color Image.

What you now have is a 24 bit, Color Image, that appears to be in black and white.

The next step is to exit the Editor, display the new image and then re-enter the Editor.

What you have just done, is tricked the Editor into thinking it is working with a color image, but it appears to be in grey scale.

Now when you use the Red-Eye Painting tools, you will be able to use the Transparent Paints to paint the Red Rose in color.

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