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Lesson 1:   Creating Your own Mask


Follow these steps exactly, and you will create your first mask:

  1. Load PhotoELF's Editor

  2. Look in the Fun Stuff menu and select: Create New Image (blank)

  3. Select a size of 800 x 600 pixels (or any size you want) and a black background color. Then click OK

    You now should be looking at a black rectangle

  4. Look in the View menu and select: Shapes and Text

  5. Using the shape tools, draw a big white circle on the black image.

    You should now be looking at something like this:

  6. Finally, look in the File menu and select: Save as a Mask

  7. A box will appear. Give the mask a name and click OK

  8. Note: When you save a mask this way, it will appear in the mask catagory: 00 My Masks

  9. Congratulations. You just created your first mask.

Now, lets test your mask:
  1. Close the Editor
  2. Select a photo and display it in PhotoELF's Main program
  3. Load the photo into the Editor
  4. Click the Mask button on the Editor's toolbar

    You should now be looking at the Mask Window:

  5. Drop down the category box (at the top, middle of the mask window) and select: 00 My Masks

  6. The mask selection window, on the right-hand side, will now show the masks you have created.
  7. Click that mask thumbnail. Give it a color and click Apply and Exit
  8. All Done.

What you have learned: So black is the mask and white is transparent.

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