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Batch Printing Photos

Overview: Batch Printing photos will allow you to, for example, select 24 pictures and then print four pictures per sheet, producing six printed sheets; all automatically! You may, of course, select any number of pictures and any number of pictures per page.

How to Batch Print:

As with all of PhotoELF's batch operations, you first Multi-select the photos you wish to print and then look in either the File menu or the Edit menu and select: Batch Printing

(Note: Clicking the print button on the toolbar will only load all pictures onto one page in the PPL (print page layout) window. This is not what you want to do.) - Look in the Edit or File menu for Batch Printing.

Note: You may select as many photos to print as you wish, but read the limitations below.

Selecting a Layout:

Once the Batch Print Page Layout window appears, you may select a layout. Either User Defined layouts or Pre-Defined layouts.

You may create your own layouts (Templates), by following the directions found in: Projects and Templates

When you select a layout, you will be presented with an example of what that layout looks like.

If you like the layout, click the Begin Batch Printing button or select a different layout.

At this point, your photos will be scanned for errors, (pictures that may not load or selected files that are not photos). Once this error checking has been accomplished, you will see the following prompt:

This prompt will remind you to check your printer settings, (quality, paper size, paper type etc.). Make sure the printer is set up correctly before the batch print job begins.

This prompt will also show you how many sheets of paper to load in your printer. If you wish to print two or more copies of each page, increase the number of copies and the required sheets number will automatically be updated.

Once you click the Start Batch Print button, the print job will begin.

PhotoELF will then load photos, per the template layout, and send each page to the printer, automatically, until all photos and pages have been sent to the printer.


Batch printing operations require many things to be correct on your computer. Such as: As you can see, there are a lot of things that could go wrong when batch printing. All of these things are out of PhotoELF's control. Please be patient as you learn to use this time saving feature and get to you know your computer and your printer.

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