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Video & MP3 Player
Supported Formats

PhotoELF's Video Player uses microsofts "Windows Media Player" as it's core media engine. Any format that Windows Media Player supports, so does PhotoELF:

The officially supported file types are:


However, with the proper codecs installed on your computer, you will be able to view a variety of other formats, such as:

mpeg, asx, m2v, mpg, mpv, vob and more.

For complete support, visit: Microsoft Supported Formats

Video Output Formats:


AVI is the only format that may be saved.

Audio Formats supported

WAV and MP3


Codecs are available for download all over the internet.

A popular location to download free codecs for your computer may be found at: www.free-codecs.com

If that link is no longer available, just search Google: Search Google for Codecs

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