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Shortening a Video Clip

To shorten a video clip you need to instruct photoelf which portion you wish to keep. This is done by marking the beginning of the clip and the end of the clip and then saving the clip.

Select the video you wish to shorten and when it begins to play, click the PAUSE button.

Next, slide the video position slider to where you want your shortened video clip to begin and then click the "Clip Start Position" button:

The "Clip Start Position" button is the button on the left in the picture above.

Now slide the "Video Position Slider" to the end of the clip you wish to save and click the "Clip End Position" button.

You can now test your clip by clicking the "Play" button. This will only play the portion you have marke out.

If you are satisfied with the result, you may save the AVI clip and give it a new name. To save the clip, click the Save Video button.

If you are not satisfied, simply re-adjust the start and end positions.

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