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The Slideshow feature is a great way to browse through your photos.

Starting and Stopping

There are four ways to start the slideshow:
  1. Click the Slide button on the toolbar
  2. Press the F12 button on your keyboard
  3. Look in the View menu
  4. Click the Fill button on the toolbar and then press the S key
To stop the slideshow:
  1. Press any key on your keyboard to return to PhotoELF
  2. Press the P key to pause
Note: The slideshow will only start if a file is highlighted (selected).

Changing the Slideshow Duration

The Slideshow duration (length of the pause between photos) may be changed from 1/2 second to 60 seconds.

This may be changed in Preferences under the Slide tab.

Preferences may found by clicking the hammer on the toolbar.

Other Slideshow Options

In Preferences you may also change the background color when viewing the slideshow at full screen

The slideshow may also be viewed while in PhotoELF. Click the hammer on the toolbar and click the Slide tab.

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