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Download Photo Printing and Editing Software

Table of Contents

Getting Started
General Topics
Photo Printing
Photo Editor
Video Player
Batch Edit Photos
Photo Masks
Photo Album Wizard
Technical Topics
Fun Photo Tricks
Scrapbooking Tips

Photo Printing

Print Basics:
How to Print
Loading Photos
Adding Photos
144 Photos per Page
Duplicating Photos
Photo Spacing
Print Size / Position
Crop, Text, Proj, JPG
Printing a Photo Page
Page Orientation
Inches - CM

Projects and Templates:
Projects and Templates
How to save a Print Project
Project Saving Options
How to Create a Template
Template Logo
Editing Projects and Templates

Get Exact Size Photos
Canvas & Printer Mode
Merge Layout into 1 photo
Printing Business Cards, Labels, Buttons
Grid Size

Make Wallet Size
Make Proof Sheets
Captions ON
Add Text to Print Page

Batch Printing:
Batch Printing Sheets
Customize Batch Printing

Stitch Example
Printing Transfers (T-Shirts)

Trouble Shoot
8 x 10 Prints
4 x 6 and 5 x 7 - Exactly
Inches and Centimeters
Printer Margins
Get Photo Quality Results
Default Printer Settings

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