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Lesson 6: A simple Double Exposure Mask

This lesson assumes that you remember the basic steps of lessons 1 through 5.

  1. Find a photo that you would like to Super Impose onto other photos as a Double Exposure.
  2. Load this photo into the photoelf Editor
  3. Press the Negative Invert Button

    Changes ThisTo This

  4. Finally, look in the File menu and select: Save as a Mask

Close the editor and load a new photo into the editor and apply this new mask to it.

This is also your first introduction to colored masks.

When dealing with any mask that has a color, you want to select white as your mask color, in the mask window. Any other color will give it a tint of color that you select. White will be neutral and allow the original image color to show through.

Mask Rule: When dealing with colored masks, always select white as your applied color in the Mask window.

After you have applied this mask to a photo, you will note that it blends into the underlying photo. This is because masks merge with the photo.

Mask Rule: Colored Masks apply poorly to lighter colored photos and apply better to darker colored photos.

Next Lesson: Lesson 7: Advanced Double Exposure Mask

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