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Creating a Desktop Icon out of a Photo

You may convert any photo into a Desktop Icon with PhotoELF.

Changing a Photo to an Icon:

  1. Select a photo and load the Editor
  2. Use Advanced Cropping and select the 5:5 setting
  3. Crop the image to be a perfect square
  4. Use the Resize tool and change the dimensions to 32 x 32 pixels
  5. Use the Save As dialog and save the image as an ICO file

Getting this New Icon to be Associated with a Program or File:

  1. Select a shortcut on your desktop and right click it
  2. A menu will appear, select Properties
  3. The Shortcut Properties box appears
  4. Make sure the Shortcut tab at the top is selected
  5. In the lower right corner, click the Change Icon button
  6. Another window appears with many icons for you to select
  7. Click the Browse button in the lower right corner
  8. A File Open dialog appears. Navigate to the ICO image you just created and click the Open button
  9. Click OK buttons until all dialogs are closed
  10. Done!

NOTE: You may also change icons under your Start button:

If you have a newer version of Windows, simply click Start and then navigate to the program you want and right click it. Then follow the directions above.

If you have an older version of Windows, you will have to right click the Start button itself and select Open. The entire Start folder is then opened in My Computer and you will have full access to change icons and organize your folders.

A Note About Icons:

Icons are generally 32 x 32 pixels or 16 x 16 pixels in size.

Icons are Multi-page Image files. - Meaning there can be more than one image embedded in the file.

Many Icons have two images embedded in the single file: A 32 x 32 image for the user's desktop and a 16 x 16 image for the icon to be displayed on the task bar.

If an icon only has one image embedded, Windows will stretch or squish it to fit.

PhotoELF only supports saving a single image icon.

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