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Get Size

The Get Size function calculates the size in Bytes, Kbytes or MegaBytes of a selected folder and its contents or of several selected files.

This feature is useful before uploading files to a server or before copying a directory (folder) tree onto a Floppy Disk or CD-ROM, (helping to make sure there is enough space available, prior to transfer).

How to: Get Size

Look in the Options menu:

There are two ways to Get Size:

Get Size of Selected Files

This feature will give you the total size of all selected files and will prompt you with the results. See Multi-Selecting Files

The Second Method:

Get Size - Folder(s) This method allows you to specify your search criteria and collectively total all files in just one folder or all sub folders.

Also Read: How to Create Your Own Search Criteria

Note:Performing the Get Size operation on an entire drive may take several minutes, depending on the size of your hard-drive, and the speed of your system.

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