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What is EXIF data?

EXchangeable Image File

Exchangeable Image File is the digital photo format standard used by almost all digital cameras.

An EXIF file format is simply a JPEG or TIF image file with extra information embedded inside of the file, such as:

More EXIF data is stored in the image file than what is listed above. When PhotoELF saves an image, all of the EXIF data is preserved.

If you edit the EXIF fields with PhotoELF, that information will remain embedded in the image file, no matter where that image file goes.

Example: If you edit the artist, copyright and user comment fields using PhotoELF, and then you publish your photo to a website, anyone who downloads that image will be able to view the EXIF data and see your comments. That is assuming they have an EXIF viewer like PhotoELF.

To View the EXIF data of an image, simply display that image in PhotoELF's main viewer and press the F9 key on your keyboard, or click the EXIF button on the toolbar.

The EXIF data will be displayed and you will be able to edit the comment fields.

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