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How to E-Mail Photos

PhotoELF does not have a built-in e-mail client. This topic discusses how to e-mail photos with Microsoft's Outlook Express.

Other e-mail programs have very similar methods to e-mail pictures. Follow this guide to learn the basics.

Be Nice to the Person Receiving Your E-Mail:

A Quick Discussion About the Size of Photos:

There are two things to be concerned about:
  1. The Pixel size of the photo
  2. The File size of the photo
Pixel Size: Most digital photos are around 1280 x 960 pixels or greater. This exceeds the size of most monitors. This means that your picture will not fit nicely in the e-mail and the person receiving it will not be able to enjoy the picture without scrolling the page.

File Size: File size is not a big concern if you have a high speed internet connection like DSL. However, if the person receiving the e-mail has dial-Up internet access, it could take 20 minutes for them to download your e-mail. This is not nice.

PhotoELF will help you solve the size issue:

PhotoELF offers several methods of resizing an image: Please read the Help topic: Resizing Photos for greater detail.

Basically, you simply display a photo and then look in PhotoELF's Edit menu and select: Resize. A window will appear: choose the E-Mail size option and click OK.

A new image will be created that is smaller in pixels and file Size.

How do you know the file size and pixel size of your photo?

Look at the bottom of PhotoELF's program window in the Status Bar and you will see both the file size (in Kbytes) and the pixel size.

A nice file size is around 50 Kbytes. This will take about 15 Seconds to e-mail on a dial-up connection.

To reduce the file size even more, try PhotoELF's JPG Compression utility: Look in the File menu or the Edit menu. Saving Files

Using Outlook Express to E-mail Photos

After you have resized your photos, make a mental note of the photos file name and where it is located on your hard drive: Example: C:\My Documents\picture.jpg

  1. Enter your e-mail program and create a new e-mail to send:
  2. Place your curser in the body of the message and press the Enter key on your keyboard a few times
  3. Then, look for a menu item that says: Insert:

  4. With Outlook Express, the Insert menu has a Picture menu item (shown above)
  5. Select this Insert Picture item and a box will appear
  6. Select Browse and you may navigate to your photos on your hard drive and select the photo you wish to insert into your e-mail message.
Once you have inserted the picture, you may add text to the message and even add more pictures by repeating the steps above.

Note: The picture will always be inserted into the message wherever the cursor is located.

If the Insert Picture menu item is disabled, then you either do not have your cursor in the message body, or your e-mail format is not set to Rich Text (HTML) mode.

To set your e-mail to be Rich Text (HTML) mode look in the Format menu of your e-mail message.

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