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Capture Any Image On Your Monitor

Want to try something fun?

PhotoELF can convert whatever is on the screen into an image file, (like a JPG image). This is called Screen Capture

Example: Let's say you see an image on your computer screen that you want to save, print or convert to a JPG:

Do the following:

Press the Print Screen button on your keyboard anytime something is displayed on your monitor that you would like to capture,
(the Print Screen button is usually near the F12 key on your keyboard).

Pressing the Print Screen button loads the Windows clipboard with the current screen image.

After pressing the print screen key, go into PhotoELF's image editor and look in the Edit menu select paste from clipboard

The entire screen will then be placed in the main image window, and you can crop it and save it as an image file. Or just send it straight to the printer.

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