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Create and Upload an Album to a Website

First, a few helpful hints and notes:

Follow These Steps (exactly):

  1. Go into PhotoELF, create a folder on your computer and name it:    albums     (use all lower case).

  2. Go into the albums folder and create another folder named:     test1     (use all lower case).

  3. Go into the test1 folder and put several JPG pictures in it.

  4. Make sure the pictures do not have spaces in the file names.

  5. Create an album using the Album Wizard.

    Now, fire up your FTP program to upload your album.

  6. On your website, using your FTP program, create a folder named: albums (inside the public_html or root directory).

  7. Go inside the albums folder on your website with the FTP program.

  8. Upload the test1 folder,and all of its contents, to the albums folder on your website.

  9. After you have done this, you should be able to access your album by visiting the following page:

    (of course, change the www.your-website-name.com to your real address).

    Then place the following link on the home page of your website:
    <a href="/albums/test1/test1.html">See my first photo album</a>

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