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Making a CD-ROM Autorun after inserting in CD-Drive

CD-ROMs that autorun require the following three files to be in the root directory of the CD:




PhotoELF automatically creates an Autorun.inf file for you and places it next to the file named: MasterAlbum.html and it also copies the PTStart.exe file to the same location for you.

Simply burn these files onto the CD-ROM, along with the rest of the MasterAlbum and sub albums, and that CD-ROM will autorun.

NOTE: all three files: Autorun.inf, PTStart.exe and MasterAlbum.html must be in the root directory of the CD-ROM.


D:\OurVacation\Pictures.jpg (etc.)
D:\AbbeysBirthday\Pictures.jpg (etc.)

NOTE: The target system must have the autorun feature
turned on for this to work. Consult Windows help topic: Automatically playing CDs when inserted.
Generally, when a PC is purchased, the autorun feature is already on. If it hasn't been turned off, this should work.

Anatomy of the Autorun.inf file

The Autorun.inf file contains the following:

OPEN=PTStart.exe MasterAlbum.html

You may edit this file using Notepad.exe or any other text editor.

Adding a CD-ROM Icon

A nice effect is to have the CD-ROM sport a custom icon in the user's interface.

You may convert any photo into an icon with PhotoELF. Consult PhotoELF's help topic: Creating an Icon to learn more.

Once you've made an icon, make sure the icon file is also burned onto the CD-ROM in the root directory.

Use Notepad or another text editor and change the Autorun.inf file to appear as follows:

OPEN=PTStart.exe MasterAlbum.html

Change myicon.ico to the name of your icon file.

Create a label for the CD-ROM

You may also change the CD's label that is displayed in My Computer as follows:

label=My Photos
OPEN=PTStart.exe MasterAlbum.html

A note about the PTStart.exe file

The PTStart.exe file is what launches the users browser and then displays the photo album, (the key to making the CD-ROM autorun).

PTStart.exe is a software product of Karenware: www.karenware.com and has been licensed to Landofcom Software for distribution with the PhotoELF software product.

You may distribute the PTStart.exe file on your CD-ROMs freely, as long as it is for home or non-profit use. If you are distributing the PTStart.exe file on your CD-ROMs for commercial or profit use, then you need to purchase a license from Karen ($30) at http://www.karenware.com/cd.asp

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