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Photo Album Creation


PhotoELF creates photo albums using JPG images, which may be viewed with any internet browser.

Before creating your first album, the following steps should be followed:


Create a folder on your hard drive to store your albums:

Example: C:\PhotoAlbums


Create a folder inside of the PhotoAlbums folder for each album:

Example: C:\PhotoAlbums\Vacation


Copy JPG images into the Vacation folder.
Have the Vacation folder open in PhotoELF's left-hand file system.


Enter the Album Wizard by looking in PhotoELF's Options menu.

The Wizard always looks in the left-hand file system folder to create an album.

Follow the directions in the Album Wizard.

Run through the Wizard by following the directions and clicking the Next button for each screen until the album is created. Once you've finished, the Wizard allows you to view your new album in PhotoELF's internal browser.

You may go back and make changes to the existing album at anytime.

While in the Album Wizard, you may click the Wizard's Options button. Here you may change many items to fit your personal taste, like: slide show settings, music, background images, photo behavior and more.

For more information, look in the PhotoELF Help for:
Photo Album Wizard

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